4 principles of brand website construction

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As a high-end website design field, the brand website construction is the way to improve the comprehensive competitiveness and obtain high return value. So, how can we effectively rebuild the building of the brand website, web design works and integrated resources services to a new level?. Brand website construction from its commercial purposes, can be divided into profit oriented e-commerce sites and enhance brand image and influence for the purpose of enterprise website. The following focuses on enterprise website.

01 class international level Web Design

As the visual part of users are most concerned about the high-end web design should have a page design works of artistic class, based on the deep research on the user experience and creative personality, to create first-class works. Therefore, for the website construction company, not only need to have excellent designer team, more need for each brand in the industry have in-depth understanding and grasp, to extract the essence of the most part of web design.

02 class high return network marketing value

In the website construction market, about 90% of the sites are not any marketing value to speak of. Many site companies are lack of professional network marketing integration capabilities, can not provide effective marketing value for the customer's website, so that the site becomes a display, can not play its due role.

03 class professional website operation and maintenance

As a brand site, if often subjected to attack, or the site is very slow to open, users often find bug in the browsing process, then the company's brand image will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the brand site needs to have a proficient network operations maintenance team for 7x24 hours of real-time monitoring and timely handling of emergencies.

04 class accurate website analysis ability

The influence and value of the site is changed over time, as an important network marketing platform, not only need to access the log on the website, including PV, bounce rate, analysis of web page access path completely, but also the effective data mining from massive database, analysis of user behavior patterns of very fruitful thus, adjust the structure and layout of the site, improve the site's overall brand value.

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