Construction and dissemination of brand in Internet Era

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Brand knowledge overview

The Internet era is a wise many times, all have their unique experience, each time the method of each era, brand building, the age of the Internet has given us a common opportunity in this era of entrepreneurs how to quickly build the brand?

1 brand in the end is what?

Want to build a good brand, it is necessary to understand what the brand is, then what is the brand? The famous American marketing scholars, known as "the father of modern marketing." Philip Kotler (Philip Kotler) will be expressed as: the definition of brand "brand is a name, term, mark, symbol or design, or combination of them, its purpose is to identify a particular seller or group sellers of products or services, products and services from making it with the competitors". The modern brand theory that the brand is a consumer centric concept, there is no consumer, there is no brand. "Brand" (brand) comes from the ancient Norway text brandr, meaning "branded", it is very vividly expressed the meaning of the brand - "how to leave a mark in the minds of consumers?". And this imprint, is the feeling of consumers. Therefore, we can conclude that the brand is the sum of consumers experience, experience. In short, the brand is people in private evaluation of you. This evaluation is mapped to the owner of the brand itself, is to give the owners a premium, a value-added intangible assets, brand impression and feeling of the carrier itself in the minds of consumers formed from the source of value-added.

2 brand definition:

Speaking of brands, it is necessary to talk about a series of nouns related to the brand, products, trademarks, brand-name, culture, marketing. These 5 nouns are inseparable from the brand, but they alone can not constitute a brand, they are a certain difference.

3 brand development and value

The development of the brand is from sales to marketing to brand, this is a derivative of the process, the value of the brand is reflected in the product function and emotion, the function of the product refers to the product attributes, such as washing shampoo products, consumers pay more attention to the product use effect, so these brands have chosen the function brand core value, such as medicine, anti dandruff shampoo overlord Tide "clean, no stains on collar sleeve etc.. The emotional product refers to empathize with the user, such as BMW "fun to drive", "OMEGA watches on behalf of achievement and perfect", "Remy Martin Remy Martin XO opened, good things" such as Rolex "noble, elegant interpretation achievement," the connotation of the brand etc..

So, the core values of the brand choose the best model?

This mainly to the core value of the brand can target consumer groups have the greatest appeal, and the formation of differences with the principles of competitive brands.

4 misunderstanding of brand building

Many people do not know where is the brand misunderstanding, so that in the construction of the brand and take a lot of detours, want to know what brand of misunderstanding, we have to analyze the current situation about the brand, there are many entrepreneurs believe that the brand is a good name, looking for well-known stars to pat advertising, but this is just a marketing a lack of brand strategy, build a. Some entrepreneurs have brand awareness but lack of strategic long-term vision, if not around the core value of the brand of brand strategy planning, will very likely "the leading position for a few years.". Finally, many enterprises pay more attention to sales than brand attention, but a hot sales situation does not mean that the brand value. Sales is only a performance index of corporate survival, brand value is the vitality of the enterprise. So the existence of the brand misunderstanding lies in: the brand is not blindly do sales, nor blind advertising, nor need to have strong funds, but do not need a long time to cultivate, but also not sales. In fact, the real brand is to resonate with consumers, always grasp the hearts of consumers, and has been tracking down.

The social transformation makes the changes of people demand, since we have found the brand key, then we have to study the fundamental, in the age of the Internet is wrong in complex is, how can attract people's attention this time, then we have to go back to what this generation is needed?

In the past era (Cultural Revolution, reform and opening up, thinking is bound, outdated concept) everyone's awareness of the brand is very shallow, often brand choice. But in twenty-first Century, in the only child and the Internet age, their education and ideas, changed the old concept of the past, have a strong brand awareness, brand in the selected stage, so how can we make our brand by more and more people choose to do, that is to understand their needs, their master the trends and hobbies.

However, each time all has belongs to the era of brand development, brand more and more humane, from the implementation of the romantic period to the romantic period, and then to today's perceptualism period, the brand every leap, and we are closer, more intimate with us. But different times make different people. People of different ages have created big brands that belong to that era. The brand itself cannot evolve as the generations change. Will eventually be abandoned by the new era. So in the Internet era we want to build belong to us


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