Enterprise website optimization need to focus on 3 points SEO details

:2016-12-16 11:10:35:1 Enterprise News

SEO is simply the use of search engine search rules to improve the purpose of the site search engine rankings in the way. Said to do it is very simple, but some people do efforts, but did not get due returns, it seems that search engines do not like our website. This is why? In fact, this is often our optimization process ignored some details, so lead to our optimization effect is not obvious. So what we do in SEO should pay attention to what the details?

First, the article content first to be careful and careful. This paper is mainly reflected in the content, the content of the article to the high quality of the original article, just before I heard the article brought a modified 30% different will be included, but now this time, I think that this strategy has been unable to please the search engine, to confess to write seriously, the first step should be familiar with the company's products around the different characteristics of products can be organized in many articles, it can be a specific operation, product features can dig deep to write an article, imagine a product should be a lot of features, each product is different, according to the US SEOER can make a fuss, so some people think that it is difficult to write original articles, I the key is to carefully beg to differ, to find, to find its unique place in their own language organization. The article not only requires the quality of time also have fixed timing updates, this is another point of attention, they do not understand the words can be more imitation of how others do. For example, A5 search optimization this article in recent days I found after an audit by is after 2 pm the evening before the update, also seems to have an update, as long as the intention to find materials and techniques is always there, on the site optimization operations this or suggestions for novice friends to see more articles on A5, because according to different owners, the website optimization, beginners can find a suitable column in the A5, the intention to learn the progress of nature is self-evident.

Second, website outreach should pay attention to the quality and speed of the grasp. Let me talk about the practice of general outreach and one of the principles is the wrong one, just like the outside friends, for the character are good friends we are going to win the trust with sincerity, striving to make this friend, for misbehavior friends we want to respect the distance. This can explain it. So we must work hard to get outside the site, for Links with sincere to their website and related webmaster, outreach growth frequency should pay attention to maintaining constant growth, not fluctuated, a good grasp of the degree is very important. High quality outside the general high, right, the third party blog, correlation Links etc..

Third, website security is the foundation. This last question or statement, the security of the web server can be said to be like a building foundation, without this foundation, we carefully do any effort will be cast to waste the recent Baidu algorithm on the web server, this is the most obvious manifestation, my site due to a server failure reason, included the first day from 150 reduced to 40 second days directly included into 0, let people to face things can still happen, although the third day server has been restored, but now know now website still ask for 0, tangled and suck, three points above is my a little experience in the optimization process, and learning together everyone, although poor writing, but all are from the heart, as long as it can bring a little inspiration for everyone, I have been satisfied.

Above and share my two years in the process of Web site operators engaged in a little sad and sentiment, SEO optimization is not only technology, more patience.

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