How to plan the website section of group website construction

:2016-12-16 11:02:41:2 Enterprise News

Group website column planning in the site also occupies a very important weight. But often neglected in the construction site, but the site column planning in the process of website construction plays a role in no trivial matter. Therefore, to the site column summarizes the following three points, sharing:

First, the column naming should be simple and clear. Some companies are trying to give up some out of the ordinary website name, the idea is very good, but the column name must be the content of the web site and products are linked, too far or not easy to understand, but have the opposite effect.

Two, column structure form to layers progressive, different or easily confused to avoid. The content of the site is numerous, so that visitors can clearly find relevant heart content, must be clear level planning, easy to understand. Web site is not too complicated, not too many levels, visitors are not easy to find the target.

Three, navigation column azimuth display to be obvious. May sound no significant role, we all put navigation in the obvious position ah? But in fact many website navigation is creative because kinks, the navigation on the not easy to find the place, lost much of their potential value. Users go to the website to find the first navigation column, 5 seconds if you can't find it, they will lose patience, even if it is found, after the user clicks in the column, but can not find the return on a layer of navigation, will not hesitate to close the window to leave this example beyond count.

Summary in the end: site navigation column planning success or not, or for the user's needs and decisions, the user experience is the most important. Easy navigation is easy navigation site users. In order to attract more customers and retain more business opportunities.

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